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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------               1K Converts binary 0/1 to text 0/1                1K Converts text 0/1 to ASCII
20031031172912                  3K [No Description]
20031031172912.txt              3K [No Description]
20031031172912_converted.txt    0K [No Description]
20031031172917                  2K [No Description]
20031031172917.txt              2K [No Description]
20031031172917_converted.txt    0K [No Description]
20031031172919                  3K [No Description]
20031031172919.txt              3K [No Description]
20031031172919_converted.txt    0K [No Description]
20031031172924                  4K [No Description]
20031031172924.txt              4K [No Description]
20031031172924_converted.txt    0K [No Description]
20031031172925                  4K [No Description]
20031031172925.txt              4K [No Description]
20031031172925_converted.txt    0K [No Description]
20031031172929                  8K [No Description]
20031031172929.txt              8K [No Description]
20031031172929_converted.txt    1K [No Description]
20031031172937                  3K [No Description]
20031031172937.txt              3K [No Description]
20031031172937_converted.txt    0K [No Description]
20031031172940                  4K [No Description]
20031031172940.txt              4K [No Description]
20031031172940_converted.txt    1K [No Description]
20031031172942                  2K [No Description]
20031031172942.txt              2K [No Description]
20031031172942_converted.txt    0K [No Description]
20031031172945                  3K [No Description]
20031031172945.txt              3K [No Description]
20031031172945_converted.txt    0K [No Description]
20031031172951                  8K [No Description]
20031031172951.txt              8K [No Description]
20031031172951_converted.txt    1K [No Description]
20031031172955                  4K [No Description]
20031031172955.txt              4K [No Description]
20031031172955_converted.txt    0K [No Description]
20031031172959                  2K [No Description]
20031031172959.txt              2K [No Description]
20031031172959_converted.txt    0K [No Description]
20031031173006                  8K [No Description]
20031031173006.txt              8K [No Description]
20031031173006_converted.txt    1K [No Description]
20031031173011                  4K [No Description]
20031031173011.txt              4K [No Description]
20031031173011_converted.txt    1K [No Description]
BinaryToText.class              2K [No Description]
TextToAscii.class               2K [No Description]
Files on Beth's PDA, including source, intermediate translation, and
final translation.  Also, you will see the programs I used to perform
the translations.

For my personal interpretations of the content, check out 

[ /metadex/BethFiles]%