# Topic Answer
1 Kathy never forgets to celebrate during this month October
2 Jesse Averys hacker name Caesar
3 Red Tide Fresh Water Raining Frogs Powerless Power Plants Current Research
4 The kind of soup Dina realized she really likes as opposed to french onion Split Pea
5 Service positions at the Aquapolis will become available in this month April
6 An unjust user Autolycus
7 Tavernpointe was an of paintovernet Anagram
8 The correct translation of the paintover binary FINDTHEM
9 It is here that you will here bells at midnight Vanoise
10 James Averys attorney Charles Stantos
11 Everyone eventually gets transferred here Zurich
12 This marks the spot X
13 Passed the peanuts to someone on an airplane Buzzkill
14 On October Tenth a number of people gathered here Intercontinental Hotel
15 City where Ethan and Dina lived Chicago
16 This was written by Arlene Seifter Laurent Dublet Voices from the Dark: Oracular Prophecy and Doubt
17 siht ekil gnihtemos kool thgim ti elzzup siht ot dednetxe eht fo stceffe eht fi xetroV edacsaC
18 McConnells mentor Ormond
19 Bounce Omni were sitting in a tree doing this apparently Hacking
20 chs X
21 Dina Ethan communicated via these Blog
22 Residents near this town knew that it wasnt just swamp gas lighting up the night sky Folkston
23 Ryan worked on this building in Portland OR Fitzroy
24 Under the blotter were these from a restaurant and a drycleaner Receipts
25 This image was used to help you Grab Internet Files Filing Cabinet
26 On his school ID this confirmed Jesses last name Barcode
27 The state in which Beth just missed the anomaly Alabama
28 The number of live sites minus one Fifteen
29 Dimitri never realized that Caesar made the Tapestryjpg with this Betamaze
30 Most of the websites in the MetaUniverse have this status with Underscore Hosting Affiliate
31 Caesar would post this as on paintover X__
32 Home to the most famous MetaCompany in the MetaUniverse Redland
33 What sort of cafe was Cyberia Chicago Internet
34 And savagely she goes Into the lazy nannygoats Limping
35 Traveled with Omni Statik and bounce to the Vortex Buzzkill
36 This dockworker woke up almost twice as old as he was when he went to bed Reginald Davies
37 Grief was an example of this Hidden Folder
38 Who realized their message of of self help through self knowledge could reach a mass audience by starting a website Fiona
39 James Averys exwife Lynne
40 The Aquapolis level with so many problems Delos
41 Name of Wongmo tune containing the Wongmore clue waverunner.mp3
42 Phil visited AQNs and found it empty save for a single page House
43 The song playing in the former Mrs Emersons CD player on October Twenty Ninth Asleep
44 Bleeding Stones Spontaneous Stigmata and this Zoloft
45 Follow your inner one Dolphin
46 What project did MLO work on instead of going to Seoul Daedalus
47 Iled Siwo discuss the possible causes of this Zombies
48 Head of Metacortechs Network Security Jeffreys, Stone
49 Guests at the Aquapolis will be able to access the surface through this Doculus
50 If you are lucky you might be chosen to be on the MetaVRX team Beta
51 Dina hid this behind the flowers not behind the leaves A___